Fire-to-Table at

The Skullery

“The Skullery” is the only “Fire-to-Table” dining experience in the region. Guests reserve seats at the Chef’s Table to interact with the chefs as they prepare a variety of dishes and concepts on our live-fire grills.

As an extremely versatile space, “The Skullery” will have many faces, serving multi-course menus celebrating local farms, carving menus, family-style meals, classes or anything else we think is awesome.

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Brunch Buffet

Come join us for a Live-Fire Brunch featuring:
“Nose-to-Tail” local Berkshire pig cuts, Omelets cooked over hot coals, House-made Sausages, our Signature Bacon, Waffles, Veggies, BBQ favorites, and many other brunch options.

Live Fire

Elevated BBQ Tasting

Chef Ryan McDonald & Pit Master David Sandusky create seasonal tastings in our exclusive “Fire-to-Table” dining space, featuring live-fire grills, rotisserie & more.

Pit-to-Plate BBQ Demonstration

Family Style Feast

Hold on to your butts. Pit Master David Sandusky hosts a live-fire feast BBQ class in The Skullery, demonstrating the art of his craft bbq along the way. While dining, you’ll learn his “All Killer. No Filler.”